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From refined and local pleasures of royal Indian traditions, to the delectable flavours of the West and the Far East, all paired with an extensive collection of the finest beverages, the gourmet offerings at chillis and chimneys promises an inspiring culinary experience, matched by warm, personalized and efficient service.

Chilli’s and chimney’s is an ode to those rare and priceless experiences and creations we proudly call our own. It’s a celebration of tradition and a triumph of culture.

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Inna Karlina
Food Reviewer

The team.


“I think in the restaurant industry, it’s very important that you become a people’s person. You have to get that charisma, passion and show people that you are actually there to cater to their needs and giving them a great dining experience. Whosoever comes at, should say that they had a brilliant time at the restaurant.”

His passion for food and cooking stems from his love for travel. He has been travelling around ever since his childhood excursions with his Friends . He discovered his cooking skills while studying in college abroad,  experimenting with food on his own. Once he discovered he was passionate about it, he worked in a few restaurants in Canada as he wanted to be privy to what was hot in the culinary world.

Ask him about what he wants to do, and he says he wants nothing more than exploring food, and prepping, cooking and serving it to see that sated smile on customer’s faces. But the journey has been tough and entails hard work. “It always looks rosier on the other side. I’m all for following dreams as long as you have a safety net if things don’t work out,” he says.

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